We make web applications.

Base Secrète is a web design and development agency specialized in Ruby on Rails applications, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

We operate our own web products, and help our clients launch and evolve their projects.

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Performances and reliability are the most important features of a web application. We built a tool to monitor our Ruby on Rails applications.
RoRvsWild is now used around the world by great developer teams.



The prestigious journalists at Heidi.news asked us to rescue their Rails application and launch their ambitious media.
Two years later, they got acquired by Le Temps, one of Switzerland’s finest newspapers. We are still advising them and developing their website.



For the High School of Pedagogy of Lausanne (HEP), we are building a skills validation platform for schools.
Sqily is particularly used in the training of future teachers, and in the mandatory schooling of Switzerland.

Open Source

Every day in our work, we use some fantastic open-source libraries like Ruby on Rails or PostgreSQL.
We are thankful and happy to contribute to the movement by sharing our own developers' tools.


A Ruby gem that can be used without an account on rorvswild.com to monitor the requests performances in a development environment.

A Sinatra web application displaying monitoring information about your Redis servers. Redis Dashboard can be used in standalone or in a Ruby on Rails application.

A simple Pomodoro clock for teams. Teamodoro helps to improve your team productivity and reduce interruptions.

A Ruby gem to encrypt the attributes of a Ruby object or an ActiveRecord model. Secure Attribute protects sensitive data, such as API secrets, OAuth tokens, or passwords.

A Ruby gem to create domains based on your ActiveRecord models’ column types. Type Scopes manages dates, times, strings, and numbers.

A UI library in CSS and Javascript, to encourage writing more accessible HTML markup.

First-party, privacy-focused traffic analytics for Ruby on Rails applications. Learn more.

ActiveHashcash protects your Rails application against DoS and bots. Learn more.

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